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Exterior Painting

At Temmel Siding, we only use quality exterior latex paint, formulated to last between 12-15 years before you will need to paint again. The quality of our materials and workmanship is second to none. The big issue related to exterior painting is…which color to use? Color selection can be terrifying. The small color chips can only provide a rough guide. Often colors look entirely different once applied to a home. One suggestion: Why not take a drive through neighborhoods and bring your color chip booklet? Often homeowners are even willing to give out their color code and paint manufacturer. As long as you don’t live right next to them, they are usually flattered that you like the color of their house. Also, keep in mind that the siding color you like so well, may not look as striking with another trim color. Once you have narrowed down your color selection, John Temmel can have some small paint quantities mixed for you. These can be applied to the siding on your home to allow you to see how your color selections actually look.  

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