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Deck & Siding Installation

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deck installation and siding repair

For this one particular home, we stripped off the old siding to install fresh siding and began adding a screened in enclosure to the back of the house. In addition, we’re installing recessed lighting in the garage ceiling. Recessed lighting is a light fixture that creates the dramatic effect of light shining downward from the ceiling. The photos indicate our work in progress. This 3rd photo shows the finished siding and progress of the deck. We’ve come a long way!

Don’t Let Shrinkage Happen to You

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bad siding

Companies that use cheap siding on homes are wasting their customers’ time and money. These photos are an example of bad, cheap siding that another contractor installed on a home. Bad siding can lead to shrinkage, as shown in these photos, which damages the visual aesthetics of the home. Siding installation can be a big investment, and it’s important that it’s done well and with quality products. At John Temmel Siding Guy, we’re all about using top of the line siding materials for our customers so they get a great, long-term product.

Choosing the Right Siding Option for Your Home

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rain gutters on a home

If your main goal in re-siding your home is to make it more durable, HardiePlank siding is a great option to consider. HardiePlank siding is the most popular brand of siding in the US, and comes in a variety of types, each one suited to a particular climate region. Because HardiePlank is made of fiber cement, it is more resistant to warping and cracking than wood or vinyl siding. Updating the siding on your house is a one-step approach to improving your home in several ways. Putting on new siding will not only increase the aesthetic quality of your home, but will also strengthen the exterior, make it more energy-efficient, and raise its value. Many sidings will do all of these things, but depending on what you want most for your home, there are several specialized siding options to choose from. Masonry-style siding is a great way to update the look of your house. This type of siding achieves the look of brick or stone without much of the building hassle and expense. It can also be made to match existing masonry to give your home an updated but seamless look. If increased energy-efficiency is your goal, consider using insulated vinyl siding. More durable than wood, vinyl siding is easy to clean and easy to repair, and when it is insulated it creates a quieter and more efficient home. For added efficiency, also consider double pane windows. photo credit: Amy Walters / photoxpress

Windows, Siding and Decks…Oh My!

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Porch Contractor

This home was our most recent project. We did a full window replacement due to the rot buildup behind the windows, we replaced the siding on the home, we repainted the exterior and we added a brand new deck! For the deck, we did a tongue and groove ceiling, added ceiling fans and wired the fans. When doing window replacements, we use full sash pack kits, which will never rot and the paint will stay on the PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is being used more and more now in the construction industry.

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