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Got a Flooded Basement? Try This!

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Flooded basement

Recently, the Atlanta area experienced a really bad thunderstorm, where multiple homes and businesses were flooded. Basements can be prone to flooding, especially ones built below ground, which is why it’s so important to own a wet vac if you do experience flooding. A wet vac is a machine that sucks up water from the ground. Some run on batteries while others have cords; either way, wet vacs are portable so you can suck up water from all around a flooded area. If you live in a place that floods frequently, John Temmel Siding Guy highly suggests buying a wet vac to keep handy for situations such as these!

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Shutters: A Great Way To Accessorize

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shutters Just how important are your shutters? While shutters are not functionally necessary, they are a great way to accessorize your home. At Temmel Siding, we take pride in our Hinge and S-Hook Shutters. We make our shutters out of a non-rot composite material on-site and then we place the shutters on true hinges and s-hooks so that they can be closed shut if desired. “Shutter-Dogs” is another term we use here at Temmel Siding for our s-hook shutters. To make your shutters really pop, placing them on hinges is a great way to give your home more depth rather than just sticking vinyl shutters onto the walls.
Back in the 1990s, foam-like boards were installed on the outside of concrete foundations to increase the value. Since that time, this foam has been banned for several reasons, one of them being that it gave termites easy access. Here is a picture of a house we worked on last month that was built in the ‘90s using this exact type of foam board. After we peeled back the exterior boards of the house, including the foam, it was termites-galore!

Termite Problem

If you have an older home that was built during the ‘90s, check to see if foam was used and if termites have found a way into your home because of it!

Be Proud Of The Way Your Home Looks

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Home Renovations It’s important to improve the look of your home so it’s aesthetically pleasing to you and to passers-by. Here are some tips from Temmel Siding on how to revamp your home in cost-efficient ways: Do Your Own Yard Work With the economy in its current condition, many people have cut back on landscapers and are performing their yard work themselves. Think of your yard like you would your own hair: one bad style can throw everything else off! Beautify your yard by integrating a variety of plants and flowers. Having many different colors and textures can really change the whole look of the yard. Paint Your Shutters a Contrasting Color For example, if your house is yellow, blue shutters would look colorful and fun. If your home is gray, yellow shutters would look great. And of course if your home is white, think of really bright colors for your shutters like red. Use Potted Plants or Flowers Get baskets of potted plants and place one at the base of each window on the front of your home. This will add a great, 3-dimensional touch. Accessorize Buy some lanterns and install them near windows or the front door. photo credit: Elenathewise / photoxpress

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