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Custom Stone Work Project Complete!

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custom stone work This house was originally built with cinder blocks and the owner requested custom stone replacement. Weeks of hard work paid off and now, this homeowner has a beautiful stone finish on his home! John Temmel Siding Guy has years of experience applying stone siding to homes. Real stone siding as opposed to faux stone has several structural benefits and looks better too. We have different approaches to our custom stone work, which vary depending on the home.

Transformation from Cinder Block to Stone

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custom stone work

This house was made entirely out of cinder blocks and we are working on it now to transform the exterior into stone with our custom stone work. The bottom right of the house shows where the new stone is currently being installed. Cinder blocks are commonly utilized for commercial construction projects, such as dormitories and warehouses, but they can also be used in home construction. However, there are several cons to owning a cinder block home and one of them is the expense for heating and cooling. Another con is that cinder blocks, also known as concrete blocks, don’t exactly have the best aesthetics, so the exterior of the home can look a little dull. In addition, cinder blocks are more prone to water damage in the case of a flood.

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