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Poor Deck Flashing

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poor deck flashing

This is an example of poor deck flashing, which can ultimately ruin the structure of your deck and result in deck failure. Our deck flashing process entails removing the siding in order to insert an L-piece of flashing, then re-installing new siding, and placing the deck boards on top. By doing this, rainwater will exit away from your home so that it doesn’t get behind the deck flashing and cause rot.

Custom Stone Work Project Complete!

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custom stone work This house was originally built with cinder blocks and the owner requested custom stone replacement. Weeks of hard work paid off and now, this homeowner has a beautiful stone finish on his home! John Temmel Siding Guy has years of experience applying stone siding to homes. Real stone siding as opposed to faux stone has several structural benefits and looks better too. We have different approaches to our custom stone work, which vary depending on the home.

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