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Stucco Removal FAQ

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stucco removal If your house currently has a stucco finished exterior, it will need to be removed before installing siding or masonry, because over time stucco can crack or peel away, which would cause costly complications later on if not first removed. Even if you are not looking to upgrade the exterior of your house, you may still need to have the stucco removed if it is bubbling or cracking. If your house has a stucco finish, check out this FAQ to see if it needs to be removed and how we can help.
Q. When does stucco need to be removed? A. Stucco must be removed before siding or masonry is installed, or if it has a damaged area of over 18 to 24 inches; a damaged area this large will likely fall.Q. What does damaged stucco look like? A. Damaged stucco has cracks, chips, and bubbles that are the result of a settling house or failing bond.Q. How is stucco removed? A. Stucco is removed by using heavy-duty hammers, saws, crowbars, chisels, tin snips, wire brushes, and tons of hard work. The stucco is cut, cracked, and pried off. Then the heavy-duty chicken wire beneath the stucco is cut and pulled off. Q. Can I do it myself? A. Stucco removal is hard, hard work, and if not done correctly can ruin the exterior of a house. It is not a DIY project for the inexperienced, and for individuals requires weeks of commitment, not to mention time spent restoring the new outside of the house. Your safest best is to leave it up to professionals who are trained to give you the best result. Q. Hm. Will you do it for me? A. Absolutely. Check out our stucco removal work and give us a call today. photo credit: pgm / photoxpress

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