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If you’ve ever have watched a window replacement job, you will find it amazing that it takes one day to replace 20+ windows. A customer of mine brought this up to me as it took us only one day to install his windows, only one day to replace all of the rot on the old window frames and only one day to paint all of the affected areas to match the existing trim. The reason why other companies can do window replacements so quickly is because they simply pop in a full unit and cap the exterior wood with aluminum; their term for this is “vinyl cap”. I was a single family home builder for over 8 years and one thing I learned during that time is you can’t cover up a problem because it will always cost you in the end. Caping windows in my view is going to be the next synthetic stucco disaster. The water will get behind the aluminum capping and all of the wood under it will rot; however, much like synthetic stucco, you will never see the rot and therefore you will be none the wiser. If you’re replacing your windows, please do so the right way by hiring the proper contractor who won’t take any shortcuts. Photos below are from a job we did a year ago for siding replacement. A window company replaced this homeowner’s windows just a year before we started the siding replacement job. The owner did not like the aluminum capping and asked that we remove it and use the existing old trim. This is what we found: the first three photos are results from a company that did a poor job by only foaming and insulating half of the windows before putting on the capping. The last photo is of a window that had been capped for over four years and this wood trim rotted.

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