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Beware of Lead Based Paint

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lead paint removal

Did you know that if your home was built before 1978 and you’re having any exterior renovations completed that could lead to paint chip residue, you must have your home tested to see if your paint is lead-based. Back in the day, lead-based paint was used and since the turn of the century, it was discovered that the lead could cause brain damage in small children and other serious health problems in adults if paint chips were consumed. If the paint on your home does contain lead, your contractor has a very strict lead-removal process to adhere to and if your contractor is caught by the EPA doing it incorrectly, he/she could be charged $32,500! You’re probably wondering why lead was ever put in paint to begin with. Back in the day, lead enhanced the color of the paint. When modern technology was introduced, people found other safer products to help enhance paint colors. We are currently removing lead-based exterior paint from a home in Midtown, which involves the following:
  • Wearing very specific clothing items, such as protective goggles, suits and masks
  • Putting plastic barriers all around the premise to catch any lead when stripping the paint
  • Putting hazardous signs all around the premise to keep people, especially children, away

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