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How You Can Tell If You Have Bad Siding

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Many of our clients are never aware that their siding needs replacing until a professional gives them the heads-up. This is important to take note of because if you think your house needs a new paint job, your painter may be able to tell you that it’s your siding that needs replacing rather than the paint. But you can also tell if your siding is bad by looking at it and measuring it to see if it has swelled. This picture is of the side of the board that has been resting on the house all these years. This is an example of what good siding should look like. The thickness measures out to 7/16ths. The above picture is of the other side of the same board that has been exposed all these years. The below picture is an example of what bad siding looks like. The thickness measures out to 5/8ths, proof that it has expanded and swelled.

bad siding

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